Ford and online marketing

Two weeks ago Glimpse was hired to post a three minute short film showcasing the Ford Fiesta for a massive online marketing push Ford was making for the vehicle. We had a week to complete the spot. We shot on Monday and had until the following weekend to deliver the uncompressed MOV for theatrical distribution processing (which, by the way, was a massive 50gig file)!

Working with a team used to 24 and 48 hour deadlines, things went smoothly. This is one of those situations where taking an hour or so at the very beginning of post to map out a schedule of deadlines is crucial. The week was quickly structured into deadlines for rough cuts, graphics passes, foley recording, pick up shots, music auditioning, picture lock, sound lock and render times.

The two superstars of the project were definitely After Effects CS4 and Mocha. We had 5 major fx shots in the film and no time to work on them. Mocha is a great program that computes planar tracking, and once you figure out how to use it properly it creates rock solid tracks. I am sold. These are imported to AE where the compositing took place. Apple’s Shake was originally planned for the majority of the compositing shots, but time ran out and AE was doing far better than expected.

Magic Bullet Looks was the final step to further stylize the footage and also to match our two cameras. The ‘A’ cam was an ex1 with a Letus Elite on it. We shot on a 45 degree shutter and some older nikon glass. The second camera was an ex1 with a wide angle lens. Obviously some major discrepancies between how the two interpreted light! MBL helped to trash up the ex1 image quite a bit and match the color saturation between the two as well. Also we applied a pretty heavy grade on the footage to give it an ultra stylized feel.

There are plenty of things I’d love to have fixed for the film, but we were on a deadline and the little problems are sort of the fun of doing things rapid pace. The thing to remember is you are always on some deadline. If not, you need to make one up. Strangely enough loose time commitments and infinite funding is usually the death to any project no matter the skill level of the people involved. You can always make something better, but you are of no use to anyone else until you know when to call it quits.

Below is the final video.

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