Last weekend we wrapped production on the first three episodes of “The Organization.” Everything went great, footage is hilarious and all the pieces are in place to edit what will hopefully become the ice breakers for a long running series.

Friday night, about six hours before call time, I had butterflies. Up until a couple months ago, with our Ford project, I hadn’t been nervous for a shoot in a long time. What changed starting with Ford?

The overwhelming possibility of failure.¬†We’d started to get pretty comfortable with all our shoots. Commercials, short films, industrials, interviews what have you, and the products were pretty decent. Nothing amazing and ground-breaking, but well produced pieces of work well worth their place on television and the internet. Well I’d had enough.

I started learning some new software and hardware. Met new people, asked a lot of questions, broke a few pieces of equipment, and read a lot of discussions on some of this new stuff. Ford was the first chance to implement these new skills in a “being paid for what you’re good at” setting. Since then we’ve shot four commercials a short film and this web series.

For example we shot a black and white PSA with a special filter that in effect ruined the footage, but if it worked it would look different, beautiful and striking. Thankfully it worked, and with all the tests we shot and time we took to make the final decision to use, wasn’t much of a surprise, but regardless a very scary experience.

I think nerves are a healthy reminder that we’re pushing ourselves and our company into new and dangerous territory, and with a commitment to practice, camera tests and careful planning there is a way to not endanger your clients with this practice but reward them for choosing to go with a progressive company, not afraid of the dark.

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