Busy at work

Unfortunately cannot share the majority of what we’ve been working on the last few months, but as commercials start to air and projects are announced by some of our clients a few more things should pop up here.

In the mean time here is a spot I shot on spec recently. We originally planed this as a Chevy spec ad, bringing the audience through multiple different stages as the couple danced. A bar, a ranch, a downtown alley and a more suburban setting. Each location detailing a different scene that different Chevy owners could identify with, all tied together with a hip-country track. Anyway, after shooting the second location our producer submitted to a KYGO contest and we won, so now you can look for the spot on November 10th during the CMA’s. It’s different than the original plan, but i think the commercial fits in well with their brand and anytime something get’s onto TV, it is fun.

This is also a spot shot for a competition. This should be Colorado only, but will be airing sometime in the future!


Thanks to RedRock Micro for their 35mm adaptor and Zeiss for their amazing optics in both of these spots!

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