What happened to Voice?

Capital ‘V’ Voice is something few artists exhibit.

Authors strive and strive for a unique style of combining syntax, vocabulary and structure to make what their writing not just uniquely their own thoughts, but also presented in their own unique way. Painters, musicians, architects won’t put themselves out there for commercial work until their voice is refined and unique.

Filmmaking is approached from a more technical standpoint. Can you operate this device? Maintain precise focus and exposure? Manage a production schedule? Woprk an editing program?

Where is the space for creativity? What makes a production company stand out?

We advertise top end editing systems, skilled graphic designers, new camera’s and client amenities, but how does any of that meet a clients real need?

Most products I am asked to deliver fit within this realm, “we want to do some slow-motion shots of abc” “we need an HD video advertising xyz.” Clients and producers ask for this because they believe it is all they can expect for the thousands of dollars they are putting into a project.

We need to start asking for more. A production company should advertise their Voice.┬áThe choices between different production companies should be as the difference between a book by Mark Twain, Fyodor Dostoyevsky and Dr. Seuss. It’s up to us to produce the kind of content that silences technical discussion and rises above gimmicky storytelling.

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