Bus Love

Bus Love, a six-part web series of silent shorts has premiered online. We filmed for GoBoulder and the Eco Pass program.

The two days we spend shooting in February were cold, but we had a grade A cast (which helped with the short schedule) and coats (which helped with some of the cold). We only had the bus and 29th street mall in Boulder for six hours on day one and we shot the other scenes on day two in Longmont. It was crazy hectic, but we all had fun.

The bus interior would have been harder to light had I the time to light it, but we just bounced as much as we could inside and crossed our fingers. The production god’s definitely smiled down upon us and the $2 shot list I haphazardly put together the night before. I think it turned out fantastic and I give all that credit to the cast and to Harris Wilkinson for a great script.

Eco pass is releasing the shorts one at a time, so keep coming back for the rest of the episodes.

Visit: www.EcoPassPlanner.com

Produced by: SHiFT and Millennium Multimedia; Written by: Harris Wilkinson; Shot by: Glimpse; Edit: Mike Hupfer; Starring: Jordan Leigh and Meghan McMahon

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