The Cove

Last night the Oceanic Preservation Society premiered the feature documentary “The Cove” at the Boulder Theatre.

Documentaries have it hard. “The Cove”s mission was to get the knowledge of dolphin slaughter in Japan out to the mass public in hopes of getting it shut down due to public outrage. How do you sell that concept to people? Sure, once seeing an hour and a half film, the majority of your audience will agree with you, but how do you place them in the seats to begin with?

The genre(?) of documentaries like “The Cove” work best when seen by a mass audience. “We have problem A, and the only way to solve it is to make as many people as possible aware and outraged.” How do you start the movement of audiences towards your film? towards your cause? The grocery store marketing model of becoming the loudest/brightest box doesn’t seem to work here. How do we use a social networking platform to promote a documentary?

I only need to hear a product mentioned a few times before I feel a sense of knowledge and closeness to it, even if I still have little idea of what it really is. I have not seen Religulous but I “know” about it. It has its own little area of mental real-estate in my brain. If someone hears “The Cove” a certain number of times in a week will they be more likely to throw it on their Netflix queue? Do these ultra mini reviews “John Doe liked the Cove” “Susan Thrice just saw The Cove” have any weight? Do they have more weight than real reviews?

The film looked beautiful. My friend Brook Aitken (LA Productions) was the cinematographer. Exquisite setups mixed with high-intensity running-from-the-cops footage all looked great. The story was entertaining, informative and challenging. The film will premier in NY and LA later in the sumer with a hopeful release to 40 other markets after that. Definitely check it out on Netflix if you don’t get a chance to see it on the big screen.

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