Films are Companies

I’m being both literal and figurative here (send complaints to the comments).

Done right, a film or a tv show starts the process by creating an LLC. investors are chosen and declared to uncle sam and the people in charge are also given an official title. Once profits come rolling in the delegation of money is measured strictly against the decisions made at the stage of writing up the contracts. Lawyers are very important to this process.

We skipped this step in the process of our web series, as we do not have investors (or money), but the idea of forming a company stayed. Pre-production of the project involved the creative and logistical aspects of the series, but it also involved something else. We had to audition and select a group of dedicated individuals, assign them specific roles and manage them as they carried out their duties. Sound familiar?

With a series things have a slightly more permanent feel, but even with a short to be filmed is say two days the production team must be set up in a corporate structure or else everything falls apart. Once we stop acting like a company trying to turn a product, and start prancing around like egotistical artists the structure dies and so does the art.

Just something to remember – filmmaking is a group effort. If you sacrifice the group, you sacrifice the film.

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