The Reality of Creation

The process of creating our internet series was really a series of reveals. We sparked the idea, outlined the general, wrote the specific, cast the talent, rehearsed the tedious, filmed the spontaneous, and soon will premier the beast.

The spark of the idea was an event hard to describe in words, it was really two separate ideas running into one another and creating a world interesting and funny enough that we are still exploring it. A good idea probably won’t get you thinking about your oscar acceptance speech, but it will haunt your dreams with the possibilities of execution. Because the idea stemmed from our experience and our interests – developing it became a easy and natural feeling exercise.

Outlining was a fun process of exploring every single ‘what if’ we could come up with. We spend a couple weeks finding out what wasn’t in that spark as much as what was. “What’s next?” wasn’t so much the question as was “What else makes this person tick?”

Writing the pilot brought a depth of reality to the idea. We reeled broad ideas and emotions to finite descriptions and dialogue. This was a few months into the process already so the first draft did not veer much from our produced script. The emotions and decisions were all there, the only tweaking we did was to make things a bit more clear to the audience (hopefully).

Casting and table reads were as scary as they were exciting. Suddenly this thing was not in our heads, it wasn’t on paper, it was coming forth through other people (who before a couple weeks ago were complete strangers). The fact that we had created something was quickly becoming hard to ignore.

Once shooting started we had the problem of not letting the whole thing get out of hand. We had made the choices already and it was hard not to realize every idea on the set while still keeping an eye open for true inspiration that came from the concept, not against it.

I am now editing and this creation has come to life. I am doing my best to present it in a understandable and consumable way, but there is little I can do to create it any further. It is living and breathing, I am merely choosing how I wish to present it to the public.

By the very first private screening it will be lost from us and become property of the audience. Our illustrious control of it as well as its control of itself will be out of either of our hands. Once met with the public eye our creation will belong to them and their perspectives.

As a series our work will hopefully only be 1% done by the time we premier the pilot, but in the same way our work was done once that first breath of life came forth at our table read. Wish us luck!

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