Hiatus. Preparation and Reflection

After crossing the finish line with our pilot episode, the challenges and time consumption of sustaining an ongoing production schedule became very real to us. We gained and lost two producers to different circumstances and also cycled through a lead actress. Beyond these changes, we realized a very substantial need for at least one producer to come onboard who was as sold out for the project as we are.

There are countless schedule, location, crew member, script and time constraint issues to be handled in pre-production and many more just before a shoot date, and trying to balance some sort of artistic preparation with the amount of administrative dillemas is impossible.

It is also invaluable to have the pilot done and there sitting to be analyzed. We embarked on this project with a desire to learn and the system is working so far. I can sit down with someone on our crew and we can actually watch, laugh and point out things to work on right there on the screen. If this system works out over the long run I think we will all be much better after each and every episode.

Who else can promise those kinds of results? You need to be constantly working, watching and re-watching what you’ve done. I know there are freaks who are naturally amazing at this sort of thing, but the rest of us need to work at it a bit.

Our inspiration comes from projects completed by artists 30-50 years older than we are. So we watch, read, preform and critique. I know of no other way.

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