What do you do?

For me the answer to this question used to depend upon who was asking it.

I didn’t lie, but I did change the ‘you’ in the question. Am I a production company? Am I a freelance cameraman? a kid just out of school? an aspiring (…)? I used to think it’s important to cater yourself to the area you are currently pursuing, but we have approached an age where everything about you can be found out in a few clicks. Aside from those pictures of you in Cabo a few years ago (which you can’t change) what do you want to define you?

Putting together a website brings all of these thoughts and fears out of you. Sure, I make my money doing production work, but what does that say when I’m submitting a piece to a newspaper? Do I throw a photography section up or will that turn me into another do it all, suck at it all nameless apple-john? If I leave everything out my persona gets a bland, corporate feel and people don’t see anything but words and blank space.

The other problem we face is a problem of content. 99% of the stuff I shoot for money would be a big no, no to post up here. Philip Bloom has done a good job of shooting his own things on the weekends and putting up great videos often, but comeon! who has time for that?!

How do you define what you do without looking stretched too thin? Companies dissect themselves into tiny parts that specialize. Even film companies have diverse sections for independent vs. studio, production vs. distribution, theme parks vs. studio lots… But I don’t want sixteen websites for myself. Again, bland – impersonal – rubbish.

Apple has done well. They started as a specialized computer manufacturer. After years of proving they can do it, they moved on to some more specialized software. “Hey look we made a great OS, look at some of our other stuff” (FCP, PageMaker…). They they dropped the iPod bomb. “We make great computers, software and now a portable computer with great, simple software.” In a couple years apple may be at the top of the consumer video camera market. The new iPod Nano is not a gimmick, it is a door to a whole new section of consumers apple is after.

So my plan? Follow Apple’s lead. I am getting to the point where I have a decent repertoire¬†of corporate video/commercial/dramatic work samples. Start here, make a decent showing of it and then start to expand. Some voice in my head is trying to tell me things might be different as instead of 30-40 million interested people, I have 30-40, but I don’t care. Let experiment Glimpse Applemedia begin!

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